eoh's PNGTuber Generator is a free, easy-to-use pngtuber web-app for generating a custom CSS for OBS Studio and Discord Streamkit. If you need a simple png bounce for collabs or yourself, and don't mind having Discord open, then this is the program for you! 

 This project was created as a small side-project, the first version is nowhere as polished as it is today. Thank you everyone for your support, with over 34,000 page views!! This project was started on October 27, 2021. 

 If you have any issues, just comment below! I will try to create an FAQ page for common issues. Happy PNGTubing! GIFs are supported. 

 The PNGs used are from picrew: https://picrew.me/image_maker/1487318/ 


 - https://streamkit.discord.com/overlay 

- Releases: https://sireoh.itch.io/pnggen/devlog 

 Special Thanks: 

- Sera Proto:[Twitter][YouTube]

- Daijojobu: [YouTube]

- Jiinh: https://jiinh.com/discord-reactive-image-generator/

- Chi-coded Dragon: [YouTube]

Release 0.45 [Sep 12 2022] 

 - Rewrote/Optimized Code

 - Added COPY button

 - Added StreamKit Button Link

 Release 0.40 [Aug 11 2022]

 - Visual Update 

 - Cleaned Up Code 

 - New Thumbnails, Icon 

 Release 0.31 [Nov 14 2021]

 - Addition of form boxes!! 

 - Sliders for the Brightness and Bounce

 - Removal of the Janky Alert Boxes :') 

 Release 0.20 [Oct 27 2021] 

 - Better [OK] and [Cancel] Choice options for DIMMING, and BOUNCE. 

 - Easier , better looking User IU. 

 - Supports GIFTubing easier. 

 - Restart button for easier PNGMaking in bulk. 

Release 0.10 [Oct 25 2021] 

 - Initial Release!!

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Hi there! Just wanted to let you know your plug-in was instrumental in my friends and I making an animated film for a lil contest on Youtube. We made sure to credit you, and really appreciate you making this code available.

Looks amazing (: !! Thanks for the credit!


did everything its not showing my png tuber  

It happened with me too

(1 edit) (+2)



i don't have discord!!!!!!!!!


imgur, and photo bucket work too !! as long as u have the link :D


its not working for me. i do everything in the video but all i get is the default streamkit overlay.
i tested some things, and certant links stop the overlay from displaying all together.  i think in those cases its trying to render the images, but is failing.


Hello, it's me the one from the video. Did you try joining the discord voice channel you designated in the streamkit step? It only shows your images if you're in that voice channel.